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I'm not feeling to well. I hadn't told Julio in fear of freaking him out but I feel too warm. I'm eating an ice-cube right now to see if that'll fool my head into believing I'm being cooled off or something simuliar. Yes...I have no degree in psychology.

Tonight, we bought HALO for the PC at gamestop and we also were looking for AREA 51 for the PS2. We ended up having to go to North Star Mall to get AREA 51 but I'm ok with that. I got to walk for a little and it's so awesome to see the mall closing...and yes, I'm weird.

While we were on that side of I-10, I thought about seeing my parents but Julio detested...he said he was hungry and wanted to go home. Funny, yesterday I got dragged to Priscilla's house and she lives two streets away from my parents...and I didn't get to see them then. Call me a bitch but FUCKING HELL! I WANNA SEE MY FAMILY! I'm fucking kidnapped.

I am so close to snapping. Seriously.

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Jailbait is a really strange turtle. I bought her at a flea market (before we found out it's illegal to buy baby turtles) and she's so tiny!! But extremely weird.

My boyfriend owns two other turtles (Angulus and Big T) and both are nearly 7 years old and both a 50 times the size of Jailbait. We placed an aquarium divider to seperate Jailbait and the other two to keep them from accidently killing her.

Well, this is where the strangeness comes in.

Jailbait will CLIMB the divider to be with the two much older boys on the other side. She'll go, climb and jump. No lie. She'll also try to fit between the divider where the plastic strip meets the glass to make it to the other side. The other two look at her and go about their bussiness. -_-

I think she just wants to be jailbait.

We're just worried that Angulus might kill her on accident because his claws are the size of her neck in width and we don't want a dead turtle on our hands. But she's a lovely addition to the turtle tank and a complete mess when she wants to be.
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