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In Other Worlds.

I'm throwing my hands up. I'm mostly pissed off at myself than anything. I'm not dilating and I'm no longer having contractions. I know the kiddo is due on the 12th but I can't help but want her here sooner. It's getting hard to get a good night rest and not to mention the headaches that won't quit...I just kind of want this all over with now.

I have a UTI--I have to take a one-time mediciation for it. There's now talk of induction but I kind of wanted to experiance labor naturally, you know? I already said I wanted an epidural but now it's kind of...nessessary--which I don't mind.

I have an appointment for next monday. The ladies at the office joked that they wont see me next week. I kind of doubt I'll be in labor then... this kiddo is just too...um...comfty I guess but her mommy wants to see her! So does her daddy. Daddy wants his baby girl lol.

That's the news...yup.
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