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A very "special" dictionary. by lily22
Look up:
Definition:A small Antarctican moth; one who is flashy and/or materialistic.

I got this off of silverfoxninja 's LJ. I was amused.

I don't know what I should really write about. I'm bored--if that's new and my boyfriend is procrasinating on his Physics homework (which is due tomorrow--he has 10 weeks of it to make up) and I finally got got around to washing all of Rain's clothes lastnight. That's life so far.

I went to Walmart yesterday to pick up some CO2 tanks for Julio and Jesse and while we were there, I found the PURRFECT christmas outfit. Seriously, I adore it. I showed it to Julio and he seemed to approve (probably because it's mostly black, lol) but I dig it. It's plaid, it's black, it's fuzzy... lol.

It's $15 too. Geeze, if I bought something like that it'd be over $40. Oh well.

So now I'll need to go and find some decent clothes of Christmas and get a general idea on how much I'll cost. Yes, yes, I'm bad.

Geeze, I sound so materialistic. gomen nasai minna-san. I don't mean to.

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