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"Why we leave it well enough alone..."

L'gasp! I'm updating! OMG! Yea, it awesome, it's cool... and it's officially one week since Nov. 17th... wow.

Well, I'm sure you know all about the inducing labor and how much fun that was. Yup... and at 2:36pm today, my little girl turned one week. Awesome. So yea, I'm pretty damn happy.

Um, I haven't gone Christmas shopping yet... hell, I doubt I'll have money to go shopping with! I can't leave the house (stitches suck, btw) and I'll "healed" by mid-December so, who knows.

Nollaig Shona Dhuit in month. Hehe, I'll say it again when the time comes.

Um... Baby Blues suck too and so do Migraines. Oh well. It's a fact of life I have to learn to deal with.

I'm officially drugged... lol. I'm perscribed Motrin and Vicodin. Vicodin makes me sleepy. -_-; I take it before bed to avoid passing out during the day. Meow. I'm also taking my prenatels still and my iffy Iron pills.

Gotta wake the kid in a few minutes to feed. I guess I'll stop blabbering now.
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