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holy shit it's been awahile [16 Feb 2009|03:06pm]
Yea, I kinda forgot about livejournal. Sorry guys. I had also been busy. Again, a big apology. I hope none of you are angry at me. <3
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Happy One Month! [22 Dec 2007|03:46pm]

My daughter is now one month and five days old today. She has colic and that, in itself, is stressful. I had surgery on wednesday but I'm recovering and yes, I'm drugged up beyond belief. I sleep about 16 hours a day with my meds.

I'm dealing with Postpartum depression and I'm getting treatment for it. I'm also dealing with adult ADHD but, guess what! I'm just learning how to concertrate rather than drugging me up with speed to calm me down. IF the lessons don't work, then speed is an option.

So strange how life is treating me, ne?

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"Why we leave it well enough alone..." [24 Nov 2007|07:32pm]
L'gasp! I'm updating! OMG! Yea, it awesome, it's cool... and it's officially one week since Nov. 17th... wow.

Well, I'm sure you know all about the inducing labor and how much fun that was. Yup... and at 2:36pm today, my little girl turned one week. Awesome. So yea, I'm pretty damn happy.

Um, I haven't gone Christmas shopping yet... hell, I doubt I'll have money to go shopping with! I can't leave the house (stitches suck, btw) and I'll "healed" by mid-December so, who knows.

Nollaig Shona Dhuit in month. Hehe, I'll say it again when the time comes.

Um... Baby Blues suck too and so do Migraines. Oh well. It's a fact of life I have to learn to deal with.

I'm officially drugged... lol. I'm perscribed Motrin and Vicodin. Vicodin makes me sleepy. -_-; I take it before bed to avoid passing out during the day. Meow. I'm also taking my prenatels still and my iffy Iron pills.

Gotta wake the kid in a few minutes to feed. I guess I'll stop blabbering now.
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So Far Away. [14 Nov 2007|08:52pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me.

I'm officially 22 today- god don't I feel old. Boyfriend is making fun of me for it too... damn him. So anyway-- I went to Coyote Canyon for dinner, got tons of "Happy Birthday" calls. Almost got admitted to the hospital (I was contracting every 5 minutes or so! Weee!) but got discharged. I saw my baby on an unltrasound and got to experiance it with my lovely man. Oh yea, awesome gifts so far =]

My Mother-in-Law is planning on buying us a new mattress (cause we know we need one) and found out that they no longer make flip mattresses. So, I decided to punch each mattress in the store and found an extra soft one (for Boyfriend's preferance) that's firm. Serta- $749 (boxspring included). We're going to shop around and try to find one cheaper but softness is the touch. =]

My Kiddo got a 8 out of 8 on her first test ever. I'm proud of her. She kept "breathing" everytime the Radiologist kept trying to make her move but I found it cute. She did move (to punch the ultrasound thingy) and that got her her 8 points.

A cold front is suppose to come in someday this week (tonight possibly?) and I'm excited about it. I'd perfer if the weather was cold over hot anyday-- at least with the cold you can add extra blankets and stuff and I'd prefer that over fear of heatstroke.

Well, boyfriend is trying to read my blog right now and it's embarrassing me. I'm gonna post this and hide away somewhere (maybe under the crib or something) so, night night.

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Random. [11 Nov 2007|01:58pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Amused.Collapse )

I don't know what I should really write about. I'm bored--if that's new and my boyfriend is procrasinating on his Physics homework (which is due tomorrow--he has 10 weeks of it to make up) and I finally got got around to washing all of Rain's clothes lastnight. That's life so far.

I went to Walmart yesterday to pick up some CO2 tanks for Julio and Jesse and while we were there, I found the PURRFECT christmas outfit. Seriously, I adore it. I showed it to Julio and he seemed to approve (probably because it's mostly black, lol) but I dig it. It's plaid, it's black, it's fuzzy... lol.

It's $15 too. Geeze, if I bought something like that it'd be over $40. Oh well.

So now I'll need to go and find some decent clothes of Christmas and get a general idea on how much I'll cost. Yes, yes, I'm bad.

Geeze, I sound so materialistic. gomen nasai minna-san. I don't mean to.

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I think she's snugged. [09 Nov 2007|08:45pm]
[ mood | listless ]

It's not my fault that the little rug rat hasn't made her appearance in this world yet. It's not my fault that she's content and lazy and doesn't want to meet the chaotic world just yet...I really think she took after her father in this case.

I know patience is a virtue but I really want to see my little girl already. I want to be able to hold her and play with her but I guess that's going to wait until she decides when she's ready to come out... or whenever it's too dangerous to keep her in me.

I want to be able to tie my shoes again and put on socks without having to fall over and stuff. It's starting to make me frustrated in general. Oh well-- that's life.

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image of a god [06 Nov 2007|07:03pm]

He stood there in g l o r y,
The l i g h t around him seperates,
Making him seem almost god-like,
In the way the R o m a n s portray.

While he stood there,
In the mesmorizing light,
E y e s of a girl betrays herself,
Like an old fashion fairy-tale.

The snow began to fall,
As the sky hid the l i g h t,
He stood in the downpour,
S n o w f l a k e s stuck to his eyes.

She w a t c h e d silently,
As he stumbled over his feet,
With the sword on his b a c k weighing him down,
He ventured on forward t h r o u g h the storm.

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In Other Worlds. [05 Nov 2007|09:48pm]
I'm throwing my hands up. I'm mostly pissed off at myself than anything. I'm not dilating and I'm no longer having contractions. I know the kiddo is due on the 12th but I can't help but want her here sooner. It's getting hard to get a good night rest and not to mention the headaches that won't quit...I just kind of want this all over with now.

I have a UTI--I have to take a one-time mediciation for it. There's now talk of induction but I kind of wanted to experiance labor naturally, you know? I already said I wanted an epidural but now it's kind of...nessessary--which I don't mind.

I have an appointment for next monday. The ladies at the office joked that they wont see me next week. I kind of doubt I'll be in labor then... this kiddo is just too...um...comfty I guess but her mommy wants to see her! So does her daddy. Daddy wants his baby girl lol.

That's the news...yup.
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L♥ve [03 Nov 2007|10:38pm]
I'm not feeling to well. I hadn't told Julio in fear of freaking him out but I feel too warm. I'm eating an ice-cube right now to see if that'll fool my head into believing I'm being cooled off or something simuliar. Yes...I have no degree in psychology.

Tonight, we bought HALO for the PC at gamestop and we also were looking for AREA 51 for the PS2. We ended up having to go to North Star Mall to get AREA 51 but I'm ok with that. I got to walk for a little and it's so awesome to see the mall closing...and yes, I'm weird.

While we were on that side of I-10, I thought about seeing my parents but Julio detested...he said he was hungry and wanted to go home. Funny, yesterday I got dragged to Priscilla's house and she lives two streets away from my parents...and I didn't get to see them then. Call me a bitch but FUCKING HELL! I WANNA SEE MY FAMILY! I'm fucking kidnapped.

I am so close to snapping. Seriously.

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[01 Nov 2007|11:47pm]
[ mood | confused ]

 I might be getting an induced labor since my contractions aren't doing their jobs. Rain's healthy, long, and has a big butt with a full head of hair (according to the ultrasound) and she's weighing around 7ibs and a little over 20inches long. Yup...big baby.

I'm still 1cm, 75% effaced....I hadn't changed within in a month and I'm 38weeks along. =x  Yup. It sucks. Contractions from hell aren't doing their damned job.

Gotta go. Bedtime.

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Gonna Celebrate. [30 Oct 2007|07:16pm]
Tomorrow is another Dr. appointment. This year I'm going to be a witch and while my hormones are ... weird ... I'm dealing with it. Tomorrow I'll know for sure on what the heck is going on. Body, mind, etc...  we'll see.

We're one strange group. I'll post pics when I get them =)

Until then, I guess I'll sit at home and watch horror movies on SCI-FI.

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Less Than Three. [22 Oct 2007|08:56pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Who knew that after getting everything that's essentially needed can lift a whole world off your shoulders. The baby shower was awesome...I already knew that most of the people were paying more attention to the movie on the big screen rather than the shower itself but wanna know something? I had fun regardless.

I guess I'm officially part of the Perez family now. Did I hear that right or was my ears playing tricks on me? Weee if I am... eee if I'm not. I'm happily engaged and I don't mind just being that, with all honesty. I know, I know, I should think about marriage and stuff but at the moment, current time... I can't exactly do that and same with him.

So anyway. I'm being weird. I barely have anything to seriously talk about except I had an EEG exam today and I don't know the results of it yet. I'm suppose to get a call for my Neurologist and schedule an appointment with him -- until then, I'm as clueless as you.

So, now that everything is together and done and we got all the baby stuff we need-- Rain can make her grand apperiance whenever she wants now...lets just hope it's after the 24th now...She'll offically be a Scorpio by then.

So anyway-- I'm happy about the cold weather that's in now. It feels like autumn now and I love it. I can cuddle under my blankets and be snug and warm and not having to worry about overheating or anything. I LOVE IT!!!


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odd update + music. [19 Oct 2007|07:13pm]

I'm bored, can't you tell? Anywa--got things for the party. I hope to see you there.
Halloween is on hold for awhile...at least until my appointment on Thurs. Julio is being paranoid...
um... there's going to be lots and lots of pink...not my fav colour but whatever.

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♥ Baby Showers & All Hallows Eve. [16 Oct 2007|05:10pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

I would've liked to do something different for my baby shower...like, make it less traditional (c'mon! who needs the "how big is she" game?). Chicken Salad is like...the most traditional meal for showers (ugh) and I really want other things served besides that.

First off...I HATE chicken salad. I will not eat it...I know people  who do eat it and that's great and all but I also know people who wont. Chicken Salad is going to be served as well as Briskets, Hot Dogs and something else... Oh and CAKE! Gotta have cake ne?
Anyway, I made "offiical" invitations today. Wee! I'm going to give Priscilla, biortinesilverfoxninjaand Jesse their invites tomorrow. =) I also have my entire mum's side written out too so... hopefully some can make it. I like my family even as dysfunctional it can be sometimes. 

I'm a little bummed out that some of my friends can't make it to the shower but at the same time, I'm not too surprised. Johnny's working, Fuzzy's mum is overprotective like whoa~ (and I thought I had it bad), Austin's going to homecoming (YOU SUCK!) and Roger...well...he never attends anything  (lazy bastard) but even then, I'm sure he's working. Evelyn and Katie are going for sure and so is Jesse. Gotta honor the godfather =)

But funny enough--Halloween is when everyone is off of work and able to get together and crap. Lol. I just hope that I could be able to make it since...well... "two weeks before or after the 12th" is my "due date" (more like due weeks. Ugh!!)

[[shrug]] Oh well. Kinda sucks I got due date around my favourite holiday.

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Here Kitty Kitty Kitty. [12 Oct 2007|09:50pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Today the boys (Julio and his friend Jesse) were outside triming the trees from being caught in wire. Well, like normal, those boys ended up swatting eachother with twigs and other things. Boys will be boys. Anyway to save myself from laughing at the branches falling ontop of them, I had a visitor. The siamese cat that hangs around here...skinny but beautiful... I think it's a she because once she had kittens with her. Two black kittens with blue eyes.

Anyway, I gave her some old lunch meat and then a whole string cheese that I was going to eat. She meowed so pathetically...I had to.

I don't regret it though.

But she stayed near me and watched the boys along side of me--it was nice to have company.


The boys think I'm nuts because I was talking to her. Meh...who cares. Jesse bought a wagon for Major (his dog) so I'm not the only crazy one.

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♥ Candy Apples. [09 Oct 2007|11:33pm]
I know, I know. How odd. I have a journal already on this site, why make another?
Easy answer! I know I'm prety intense in mai other one, why not make one less intense!
Besides...I  ♥ writing. I ♥ poetry and I ♥ art in all forms.
This journal, I will tell you...is going to be a bit "happy"
And I'll be mostly talking about mai pets. L'gasp!
So be prepared for some oddity. I know you'll shy away.
Here's Endless Reverie. RAWR!
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