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♥ Baby Showers & All Hallows Eve.

I would've liked to do something different for my baby shower...like, make it less traditional (c'mon! who needs the "how big is she" game?). Chicken Salad is like...the most traditional meal for showers (ugh) and I really want other things served besides that.

First off...I HATE chicken salad. I will not eat it...I know people  who do eat it and that's great and all but I also know people who wont. Chicken Salad is going to be served as well as Briskets, Hot Dogs and something else... Oh and CAKE! Gotta have cake ne?
Anyway, I made "offiical" invitations today. Wee! I'm going to give Priscilla, biortinesilverfoxninjaand Jesse their invites tomorrow. =) I also have my entire mum's side written out too so... hopefully some can make it. I like my family even as dysfunctional it can be sometimes. 

I'm a little bummed out that some of my friends can't make it to the shower but at the same time, I'm not too surprised. Johnny's working, Fuzzy's mum is overprotective like whoa~ (and I thought I had it bad), Austin's going to homecoming (YOU SUCK!) and Roger...well...he never attends anything  (lazy bastard) but even then, I'm sure he's working. Evelyn and Katie are going for sure and so is Jesse. Gotta honor the godfather =)

But funny enough--Halloween is when everyone is off of work and able to get together and crap. Lol. I just hope that I could be able to make it since...well... "two weeks before or after the 12th" is my "due date" (more like due weeks. Ugh!!)

[[shrug]] Oh well. Kinda sucks I got due date around my favourite holiday.

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