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Less Than Three.

Who knew that after getting everything that's essentially needed can lift a whole world off your shoulders. The baby shower was awesome...I already knew that most of the people were paying more attention to the movie on the big screen rather than the shower itself but wanna know something? I had fun regardless.

I guess I'm officially part of the Perez family now. Did I hear that right or was my ears playing tricks on me? Weee if I am... eee if I'm not. I'm happily engaged and I don't mind just being that, with all honesty. I know, I know, I should think about marriage and stuff but at the moment, current time... I can't exactly do that and same with him.

So anyway. I'm being weird. I barely have anything to seriously talk about except I had an EEG exam today and I don't know the results of it yet. I'm suppose to get a call for my Neurologist and schedule an appointment with him -- until then, I'm as clueless as you.

So, now that everything is together and done and we got all the baby stuff we need-- Rain can make her grand apperiance whenever she wants now...lets just hope it's after the 24th now...She'll offically be a Scorpio by then.

So anyway-- I'm happy about the cold weather that's in now. It feels like autumn now and I love it. I can cuddle under my blankets and be snug and warm and not having to worry about overheating or anything. I LOVE IT!!!

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