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So Far Away.

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me.

I'm officially 22 today- god don't I feel old. Boyfriend is making fun of me for it too... damn him. So anyway-- I went to Coyote Canyon for dinner, got tons of "Happy Birthday" calls. Almost got admitted to the hospital (I was contracting every 5 minutes or so! Weee!) but got discharged. I saw my baby on an unltrasound and got to experiance it with my lovely man. Oh yea, awesome gifts so far =]

My Mother-in-Law is planning on buying us a new mattress (cause we know we need one) and found out that they no longer make flip mattresses. So, I decided to punch each mattress in the store and found an extra soft one (for Boyfriend's preferance) that's firm. Serta- $749 (boxspring included). We're going to shop around and try to find one cheaper but softness is the touch. =]

My Kiddo got a 8 out of 8 on her first test ever. I'm proud of her. She kept "breathing" everytime the Radiologist kept trying to make her move but I found it cute. She did move (to punch the ultrasound thingy) and that got her her 8 points.

A cold front is suppose to come in someday this week (tonight possibly?) and I'm excited about it. I'd perfer if the weather was cold over hot anyday-- at least with the cold you can add extra blankets and stuff and I'd prefer that over fear of heatstroke.

Well, boyfriend is trying to read my blog right now and it's embarrassing me. I'm gonna post this and hide away somewhere (maybe under the crib or something) so, night night.
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